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Globex Sh.p.k

Globex, is an Albanian company established in February 1999, is already for more than 20 years one of the leading companies in the Albanian market, trading in food products, necessary for daily well-being, mainly dairy and a wide range of birds, and its offal, frozen products, etc.. Under the motto "Our challenge: the passion of taste" we exist by combining together purpose and passion. Our strength are reliable partners and customers with a wide stretch across the country.


Our commitment to professionalism, integrity and honesty resulted primarily on expanding the network of partners in different countries, not only within EU territory, but also in other continents. Second, the coverage of an increasing number of customers in growth, from north to south and from east to west across the Albanian territory.


Thanks exclusivity with prestigious European companies have managed to fulfill the requirements of wholesale and retail customers, since not only the traditional taste of the products we offer, but also diverse package deal to suit market needs. The new spirit that I recall in the Albanian market and technological innovations orient us toward global positioning in the segment of value-added functional health food.


Globex imports and distributes products from prestigious suppliers, such as:

Also, our cooperation is ever expanding with suppliers from the Netherlands, Argentina, China, New Zealand, Canada, etc.